Free shipping on order above $3000 - Florida only

FAQ's, Return & Shipping Policies



How can I pay for my order?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express.


When will my credit card be charged?

When you place the order.


When will my order ship?

Most orders will ship in 5-15 business days.


How long will my order take to get to me once it ships?

It usually takes 7-14 days for an order to be delivered in Florida and 14-28 days for other parts of the country. Delivery carrier will contact you with a delivery date at the phone number and email address you provided during your purchase.


How is my order being shipped?

Full orders and long heavy items will be shipped with a common freight carrier; smaller orders and accessories ship via FedEx or UPS Ground.


How long do I have to open my cabinets and check for concealed damage after my delivery?

With the common freight carrier, you will have 5 days to open all cabinet/accessory boxes and inspect for any damages, defects, or missing items (48 hrs for UPS or Fedex Ground). If anything is missing, damaged, and/or defective, please notify within 5 days. Please contact us using this form. For ground shipping service please inspect the boxes within 48 hours of delivery and contact us to report any damage or missing pieces. After 48 hours our manufacturers will not accept any claims for damage or missing pieces, and you will be responsible for re-ordering.


What if I do not like the color/finishing of my cabinets, can I return my order?

Pictures are not accurate and different coloration may result depending on your computer’s screen settings. Therefore, ALWAYS order a door sample before purchasing any cabinet. Orders can be returned as long as they are in the original packaging, sealed and is not one of the non-returnable items - see Are there any items that cannot be returned?). There is a 30% restocking fee for all returned items and you would be responsible for the return shipping. The initial shipping charge you paid when placing the order will not be refunded, and in case your order qualified for free shipping, that originally waived shipping cost will be deducted from your refund. The order must be packed on a pallet and plastic wrapped. If damages occurred in transit, your refund may take a bit longer until a proper inspection by the trucking company is done.  You may need to file a freight claim since you handle the return shipping yourself. We will only process your refund after all items are returned and accounted for in perfect shape, and all fees are applied to the balance.


I ordered a wrong cabinet size; can I exchange it?

Yes. However, the rules for returning items will apply.  Please contact customer service and they will send you the forms needed, as well as the address where it should be returned. Do not return anything without speaking to customer service to make sure the return address is correct. If something is returned to the incorrect address, we won’t be able to issue a refund for that item.


I placed an order and then my cabinets went on sale, can I get the new discount?

Due to manufactures strict policy regarding sales events, past orders will not receive a new discount or refund for discount applied on current sales events. Orders cancelled because current sale discounts cannot be applied will be treated as any other return, and subject to all fees applicable (restocking fees and/or initial and return shipping charges.


I received the wrong cabinet/accessory, now what?

If the wrong cabinet or accessory is shipped to you by mistake, please contact us within 5 days at 239 202-2599 or DO NOT OPEN THE BOX; Pictures or other documentation may be required and if the incorrect item(s) needs to be returned, we will provide you with a shipping label. We will process and ship your correct items as quickly as possible.


Is there a restocking fee for returned items?

Yes, there is a 30% restocking fee on all returned items.


My order (or part of it) arrived damaged, can I return it?

Do not return a damaged order. We will need the delivery paperwork that noted the damage (paperwork the delivery driver had). We will get you the replacement parts/cabinets that are needed. If you decide to return your entire order it would be treated as a regular return and you would be responsible for the return shipping, the 30% restocking fee plus the original shipping.  If your purchase qualified for free shipping, the shipping that would be charged before waived will be also deducted from your refund amount.


Should I assemble cabinets with damages if I’m just waiting for a part?

Please DO NOT assemble these cabinets until customer service lets you know it is ok to proceed with assembly. The pictures needed by our claims department must be unassembled cabinets. Due to manufacturer guidelines, replacement parts will not be issued for cabinets that are already assembled because the manufacturer does not know the damage did not occur during assembly. Please leave any damaged cabinets unassembled.


Should I refuse a damaged item on my delivery?

​No, do not refuse any damaged items, just note the damages on the shipping paperwork the driver has, have them sign and make sure you receive a copy. Then, contact us  within 5 days to take care of the damaged item(s)Please fill this form: We will analyze the damage and decide the best way to resolve it, and then send you the replacement part.


What do I need to do on delivery besides unload the cabinets/accessories?

-Have extra help available. Do a piece count, make sure all ordered pieces are there, including accessories, and check for visible damages, such as cracks, dents, holes, etc…outside of the box. The driver will wait for you to check it and makes notes as needed.  If there is anything missing (except back orders) or damaged, note it on the BOL and get a copy with the driver’s signature; notes must be on his and your copy too. This information must be accurate in order to process your replacement order.

Every box is inspected in the warehouses during preparation for shipping.  When the trucking company picks up your order, they are responsible for any damages that occur in transit and will only approve replacements if the damages are noted on the shipping paperwork (Bill of Lading – BOL) on your delivery. Make sure you note any damage or missing items on the BOL.


What if I entered my Shipping Address wrong or need to change it?

Please contact customer service (239 202-2599) IMMEDIATELY if you need to change your shipping address, to try avoiding an extra fee to incur.  If your order has already shipped the freight company may charge you for the change, and you will need to pay for it directly to them upon delivery.

What if I have to cancel or make changes to my order?

If you need to cancel/change your order, call customer service (239 202-2599) IMMEDIATELY. Orders can only be cancelled/ changed within 24 hours of being placing placed; after that, orders are already in the process of prep to ship and any changes/cancellations will incur applicable fees. There are no fees if cancelled within 24 hours.

We cannot cancel sample doors orders; they ship right after the order is placed.


What if I ordered cabinets with glass doors?

We do not provide the glasses; therefore, we do not charge for them. The doors will come ready for glass insertion, but you will need to take them to a local glass company; this is the safest way to avoid broken glasses.


What if I want to cancel my order and it has already shipped, but I have not received it yet?

We will contact the freight company to have it returned to the warehouse. The cancellation will be treated as any other return, and you will be responsible for any return shipping fees being charged by the freight company, in addition to the initial shipping charge you paid when placing the order and a 30% restocking fee. Once the order is returned to the warehouse, you will be refunded less the shipping and restocking fees.


What if something on my order is out of stock?

In some cases, there will be certain items out of stock. If this is the case, we will notify you and let you know when it will be in stock. Then you will have the option to:

-Have all items in stock shipped first, and back orders when they arrive (extra shipping charges may apply), or

-Wait until all items are in, then ship complete, or

-Cancel the out of stock item(s), or change them for other in similar size, if layout dimensions allow for it. If there is a difference in cost, you will either receive a refund or pay the difference.


How will my shipment be delivered?

The driver will decide where would be the best area to unload, and he will move the pallet to the end of the truck. It is your responsibility to unload the items. Always plan to have extra help to unload, count and inspect the shipment.


What orders qualify for Free Shipping promotions?

Free shipping offers apply to all Ready to Assemble cabinet and bathroom vanity orders over $2800. It only applies to the 48 contiguous US states; it does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. We do not ship out of country.  The waived shipping will be deducted from your refund if a order is cancelled after it ships, along with all other applicable fees.


What shipping method do I use to return an item back to the warehouse?

If we are taking care of the return, we will send you a label from the respective carrier, to be placed on the item. If you are returning an item and paying for the shipping you may chose the one you prefer. Usually smaller items ship with FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. Larger and/or heavier items need to be returned using a common freight company, placed on a pallet and wrapped in plastic. If the returned item arrives damaged, and it is proven it happened in transit, your refund will be held until the carrier’s investigation process is finished. You may need to file a freight claim with the trucking company yourself.


What should I do with damaged items?

-Keep the damaged parts until you are told to dispose it, up to 150 days; sometimes they need to be returned or inspected during the claim process; you will be charged for the cost of the replacement parts/cabinets if you do not have the damaged ones to return/present if requested.

-Returns must be received within 30 days of receipt of replacement parts (or sooner, if requested), otherwise you will be charged for all parts.

-Always confirm return address with customer service prior to return the item. If they are returned to the wrong location, unfortunately, we won't be able to replace the damaged parts for no charge.

-If there are freight damages, please hold on to the damaged items until the freight company concludes the claim process. This will not delay the processing and shipment of your replacement parts, however in order for us to file a claim with the freight company for any damages that incurred in transit, they retain the right to inspect the damaged items at their request.


Can I return door samples?

Door samples cannot be returned because they are usually scratched or damaged by handlers, for that reason they cannot be returned.


Will I be reimbursed for any labor or time needed to repair any damaged cabinets?

We will not be able to reimburse any additional costs of labor incurred by the customer to replace or repair damaged cabinets.


Will I receive a new cabinet if something is damaged in the box?

In most if the cases only the damaged part will be replaced.


Will I receive my entire order in one shipment?

It is very likely that it will go all in one shipping, except the back orders. Occasionally, a few items may be shipped separately, but you will receive the shipping information if it happens.